minstrel: fifes

Vanessa Layne dagoura at MIT.EDU
Fri May 12 10:14:47 PDT 2000

Cairistiona writes:

> when I first discovered that certain fingerings are quite valid in both
> 8ves, but produce entirely different notes (one in particular produces F# in
> the lower register and G# in the upper).  Maybe that's just because I
> haven't actually found the proper fingerings yet, though...

No, that's just life.  Some fingerings must change over the three
available octaves.  Overtones don't endlessly go in octaves, so I
suppose it stands to reason.

Also, wrt getting overblown notes, not only do fingering and tonguing
matter, but embrochure.  On the fife, this can mean not only changing
the shape of the mouth, but the angle (roll) of lips on the instrument.

-- Tibicen (ex-fifer)

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