minstrel: fifes

Christina van Tets cjvt at hotmail.com
Fri May 12 14:41:45 PDT 2000

Hello the List!

Ruaridh (sorry, I forgot to check the spelling) said:

>No Flageolets do not have an octave hole.  Just as with a fife you move t=
>o the
>next octave by overblowing.  The technique is called tonguing.  You gentl=
>y spit
>as if you had a piece of lint on the tip of your tongue.  Generally I can=
>  get two
>and a half octaves out of my instrument.

Yes, I generally get just over 2 8ves on my fife, but overblowing isn't all 
I have to do.  I spent a good couple of weeks experimenting at one stage 
(the fife is an original 19th C one, so came without a finfering chart), 
when I first discovered that certain fingerings are quite valid in both 
8ves, but produce entirely different notes (one in particular produces F# in 
the lower register and G# in the upper).  Maybe that's just because I 
haven't actually found the proper fingerings yet, though...

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