minstrel: Tin whistles and such

Przemys³aw Pi³aciñski dodiabla at draconia.it.pl
Wed May 10 12:16:30 PDT 2000

I'm going to play a simple Breton march before the Cedynia battle in
June and I need a proper instrument. A simple instrument, as I have
little expierience in wind instruments. I was considering a tin whistle,
and from it comes my question: Are tin whistles (penny whistles /
flageolets) period? (I mean the Middle Ages, to be more specific, late X
century, but it doesn't matter that much). And if they're not, what
simple six-holed wind instruments were used in the Middle Ages (it has
to be loud, as I will play for a marching regiment)?

Przemek Pi³aciñski

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