minstrel: here is a period jigg

Kate/Constance fairfax at tir.com
Wed May 3 19:57:12 PDT 2000

Where'd you dig up this old cod?  Baskervill?  Simpkin is one of my
favorites.  You can use "The Friar in the Well"(1522) for the tune for the
first part and "Nonesuch"(1651, Playford) for the second.  This version (the
earliest in English) dates from 1656 (although it's a second edition).
However, in 1620, a German version was printed (the Germans enjoyed
translating English comedy broadsides and re-publishing them...many survive)
which was almost identical...allowing this jigge to be placed at least as
early as 1620.  Also, in 1595, Simpkin appears on the Stationer's Registrar.

It's a fun piece.  :)  Thanks for sharing it.

Constance Fairfax

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