minstrel: "Bowed" dulcimer

Lyndall / Val lyndall at LanMinds.Com
Tue Apr 25 20:15:30 PDT 2000

>...I saw a musician in San Francisco a number of years ago who played a
>hammered dulcimer with finger-bows.

His name is Michael Masley, and he states the "bowhammers" as he 
calls them are his own invention. Curved metal rods slipped over 
fingertips, with the "hammer" section covered with (I believe) 
rubber, so he can stroke the strings or strike them. He was not 
trying to reproduce any historical technique but rather innovating 
new effects. Very pretty, very clever, but almost certainly not 

If you want to contact him, try c/o Tonehenge 
Productions/Happensdance Music, PO Box 5232, Berkeley, CA 94705 
(addr. from a CD jacket)


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