minstrel: Re: Sephardic music

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Mon Apr 24 07:00:12 PDT 2000

Lady Magdalena vander Brugghe said:
>I have a question.  I have an opportunity to get a free cd from Tara
>Publications, which is a Jewish music supplier.  I would like a cd of
>medieval Sephardic music.  Problem is, I don't know which of the cds
>that they offer best fits what I'm looking for.  I only know one song
>title off-hand (A la una yo naci), which I found on one album, but don't
>know if everything else on this album is period.  So, can anybody
>suggest a couple of albums or artists?

Here's another cd of Sephardic music:  Sepharad: Songs of the Spanish Jews
in the Mediterranean and the Ottoman Empire by Ensemble Sarband.  DHM / BMG
Classics 05472-77372-2. I quite like it. The booklet gives a bit of history
of the Spanish Jews & describes Sephardic music, both then and now.

Estrill Swet

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