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Fri Apr 21 23:37:14 PDT 2000

Lady Magdalena-
I have also been looking for documentation to sephardic music, including not
only that specific song (A la una yo naci) but also several other songs.
There are two problems that I have come across:  One, that no one seems to
have the info but professional musicians, who seem loathe to share it, and
two, that although the sephardic history back to 1492 seems well documented,
the only available music texts from that period seem to be at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem. They don't seem to have an interlibrary loan
program with North Carolina.  Bummer.
    As for a recommendation, I have only one full cd of sephardic music
Tresoros Sephardis, by Judy Frankel, and I would highly recomend it.  She
has a beautiful voice and does great arrangements.  I have also been
recommended (and heard clips of) Lauren Pomerantz, of Songbird music, and
while I do not have her music The samples seem quite nice.
    As for whether everything on the cd is period, well, that song in
particular listed as from the time of the exodus (1490s ) but I have yet to
find any documentation to back that up.  The sephardic tradition was, as
many others, a tradition of orally passing down the music from generation to

    Please let me know if you have any luck.
                    -Dunstan LeHeryngmongere

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