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> > A member of our household is interested in 
acquiring a bowed psaltry. 
> I have
> > heard some debate of the "period-ness" of this 
instrument.  Could folk
> here
> > enlighten me, so that I may pass the 
information to her?
> >
> I know that the plucked psaltery is incredibly 
period, but I think the
> use
> of a bow on a triangular psaltery is a 20th 
century invention.
> Thank you.  I was fairly sure the triangular 
sort was modern; 

According to Musica Antiqua, the triangular 
psaltery is period: "Southern Europe, influenced 
by Moorish Spain, prefered the trapezoidal psaltry 
with three or
four strings to a note. Northern psalteries tended 
to be triangular or wing-shaped and single or

There is a link to their website from the SCA 
Music page and there is a bibliography at the 
bottom of the psaltery page, so you can verify it. 
 The URL is: 

It may not be the last word in authenticity, but 
they site seems to be a good source for period 
instruments of all sorts.


PS  From this site, I was also reassured to find 
that 12/11 hammered dulcimers with two bridges are 

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