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From: Christopher Gregory (Richard Crowder) <krummhorn at hotmail.com>, on 

>First question: how interested are people in period bardic circles in 
hearing Old French?  I >have heard some say that it might be just too dull 
for a majority of listeners, but I have also >heard that it would be fabulous 
to hear something in the original language.  

I have sung some of the Machaut songs, both for bardic circles and for 
competitions.  So far I've only sung them in the original language, but find 
I get good results when I give a synopsis of the song beforehand and infuse 
appropriate feeling into the performance. (I do similar things with some 
Gaelic pieces, and have very good response indeed.)

I've usually done them either as a capella vocal solo or as harp instrumental 
(in which case of course the words are not involved.)  I've recently 
considered trying them sung with harp accompaniment (small gothic harp.)  
Anyone have any thoughts on which performance version would be most 

Rowen Brithwallt

"I do not resent growing older - many are not granted that privilege."

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