minstrel: posts

Christopher Gregory (Richard Crowder) krummhorn at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 18:41:07 PDT 2000

Gregory wrote:
> There are 2 philosophies about running mailing lists. They use the
> other philosophy. The problem with it is that people see an old
> message from a friend, reply to it to send a personal message, and it
> ends up on the mailing list. You laugh, but it happens pretty often in
> practice.
I have the reverse problem.  I get a message on the list, and i want to send
the reply to the list; my response is taylored to a group of people, not the
individual.  But when I hit reply, Outlook sticks the address of the person
who sent the original post in the "To" box, and forgets the list's address.
Then I hit send, and only one person gets the message.  They're afraid that
I sent it only to them, so they don't forward it to the list.  Does this
ever happen to anyone, or am I just that lame?


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