minstrel: Pertaining to Guillaume de Machaut

Christopher Gregory (Richard Crowder) krummhorn at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 18:36:03 PDT 2000

>> Most of his music is beautiful polyphony, which is sad because
>> my vocal chords are monophonic!
> Actually, Machaut wrote an unusually large number of monophonic tunes
> -- he's the most important 14th century composer of "solo" music. My
> apprentice is a real fan of his.
Yep, you're right.  After doing some hunting, I found a lot of pieces for
solo voice, and a fairly small amount of polyphonic stuff.  Ooopsie.  On the
CD I have, there are two pieces for solo voice, and they are both real
winners ("Liement me deport" and "He! Dame de valour.") I stronly recommend
this CD to anyone who loves period vocal music; it's called, "Dreams in the
Pleasure Garden," recorded by the Orlando Consort, published by Archiv
Produktion, Deutsche Grammophon.  It has complete liner notes, with lyrics
in English, German, and the original French.  I found it at Best Buy for
pretty cheap.

Anyway, enough of my senseless blether!

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