minstrel:Gentle speaking, was Vocabulary and terminology

Camin Keplinger Bradbury camin at mbayweb.com
Wed Apr 19 09:02:12 PDT 2000

Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > OK, I think we can all agree that the term "Nazi" is as repugnant as
> > the type of people that are so ascribed. The problem with most is
> > their authenticity is selective.
> [ nasty personal experience with rude people deleted... ]
> I guess we haven't all agreed that we aren't going to beat up rude
> people here. This could go on for months. Should I create another
> mailing list?
> -- Gregory Blount

If it please the entire list, and with no disrespect
intended.  I have one thing to say on the whole issue.

NOTE: usage of the words WE, and US
do not denote that I have a mouse in my pocket.
They are meant to address the email list and use
group as a whole, in a polite and courteous way
No offense is meant in that usage, and it isn't the
royal usage of the words.

People will use words, much as all of us use
Music for IMPACT.  It is a very clearly understood
thing that there are differences in the way that we all
as people think.  Do we( as a list) really wish to take the time
away from the study of our own loves and avocations
to argue over a proper noun that has no place in period?

It isn't Filk, it isn't performance art, it's not "help where can
I find a copy of <insert your present need here>", so why is
it on this list?

There is something to be said for leading by example.  And
Thank the Moderator and owner of this list.
( we really don't have to be afraid of him as he is not into censorship)
we have a place to say what we think.

Can we not speak gently to each other?  Or if it can't
be said gently can we take it offlist to talk to just the email
address that is who we want to share the comment or remarks with?

I admit to being new, and lurking on this list.  I still find the idea that
the Moderator would have to ask if another list is needed to be a sad
thing.  I have very much enjoyed hearing about who has new
instruments, and perhaps a bit jealous of at least one or two of them.
I have very much enjoyed having resources brought to my attention.

I continue to look forward to such.
Thank you for a small bit of Bandwidth, and I should hate to see the
list split up as it would likely mean I would miss something I would
Very much like to hear.

AnneCathryn of Wicken Bonhunt

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