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erilarlo at win.bright.net erilarlo at win.bright.net
Wed Apr 19 09:03:48 PDT 2000

At 10:00 AM +0000 4/19/0, Christina van Tets wrote:
>Please, is it really necessary to cc stuff to the list _and_ to me in answer
>to my messages?  I get enough mail as it is without having to read messages
>twice - and I open each one in case someone has decided to email me
>privately about the same topic.  This could get very tiresome.

I have to paste in the address for the list each time and sometimes forget
because I am trying to avoid doing unto others what I prefer not to have
done to me;-)  This is the only list I belong to(and I belong to SEVERAL!)
where I have to change the address every time I post. It's a real nuisance.

Mary Loomer Oliver
a.k.a. O, Frau O, Oma, and erilar
For particulars try
Erilar's Cave Annex: http://www.win.bright.net/~erilarlo

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