minstrel: Vocabulary and Terminology

Joshua Badgley fsjlb4 at aurora.uaf.edu
Wed Apr 19 06:23:23 PDT 2000

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, M. J. wrote:

> History Preacher

The problem I see here is that you are assuming that a 'preacher' has a
negative image.  To do so and start throwing it around in such a manner
would be offensive to me.  If you do not assume it has a negative image,
then what is wrong with preaching history?

Why do we need to create an epithet for rude people?  In my limited
experience, all such an epitaph does is allow people to build an image of
some 'bad guy' and stuff all of their stereotypes inside.  This then gets
used as a straw man in debates and as a stereotype to be applied to people
whom you don't agree with.

I'm not saying this about anyone in particular, just that it has been my

And yes, I have had experiences with rude, insensitive people.  I don't
think that calling them names really helps anything though.  It really
doesn't help the people who need it, because they will never see
themselves in whatever description you create.

Anyway, I'll go back to lurking for now.

-Godric Logan of Winter's Gate

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