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Christina van Tets cjvt at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 09:54:26 PDT 2000

Greetings from the fair (and hot) land of Outremer:

I wrote
> > I've noticed that Dumps have the same rhythm as jigs too - at least, the
> > ones I've seen.  I seem to remember one called My Lady Ann Nevill's 
> > I must look in my papers, but I think it was 1360s.
and Gregory Blount replied:
>Perhaps you meant 1630s, not 1360s?

No my lord, I did not.  This would be suggesting that one of the more highly 
respected early musicians in Australian acadaemia couldn't 'do the maths'.  
My early music units stopped at approximately 1600, just as the SCA does - 
except that we voted Peter Maxwell Davies an honorary mediaeval composer.  I 
am fairly certain that I noted the piece as appropriate to my persona, who 
lived around 1390.  Unfortunately, the piece doesn't seem to be in my boxes 
here, so I can only assume it is in storage (sigh).  It was in an anthology 
of early music which also contained Douce Dame Jolie and some trouvere 
stuff, IIRC.  Not the Dover (?) one.  I think (though cannot be sure at this 
late date) that it was from an encyclopaedic anthology divided into regions 
and periods, which went for about a metre on the bookshelf.  Would there be 
something in Groves, perhaps?
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