minstrel: bawdy songs

Christopher Gregory krummhorn at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 21:32:29 PDT 2000

> I've come into this thread late but if we are discussing good sources for
> Bawdy Songs I know of one.  The Baltimore Quill Consort has a CD out with
> several period pieces.  I believe the title is "Bawdy Songs".  I could be
> wrong on that, but it is definately the BQC.  I plan on picking up La Roque
> and Roll tomorrow.  Any other suggestions about what we can pick up that's
> already been recorded?

The Baltimore Consort (I'm not sure about the quill part, but the CD next to
me doesn't have it) published a CD of music called "The Art of the Bawdy
Song," along with an impromptu group called the Merry Companions.  The
rounds are all circa 1680, but there are three period (or very close)
pieces.  One is "Will Said To His Mammy," which is two part with viol and
lute accompaniment, and is from 1609.  It may be too OOP sounding, and is
probably too tough to perform at an impromptu concert.  Another is "Come
Sirrah Jack Hoe," which is from 1608, but is by an Elizabethan composer
(Weelkes) and is Elizabethan in style.  The third is "Most Men Do Love the
Spanish Wine."  This is from 1595, and sounds it, is very easy to sing solo
or with lute or guitar.  My repitoire contains almost every piece on the CD,
and the OOP ones are good for non-period bardic circles, while the rounds
sound fairly period.  In all, the disgusting humor is great when your
audience has been taking advantage of the "discreetly wet-ness" of the site.

"Et la la la, je ne lose dire."

I just realized I didn't really answer your question.  Ooopsie.  You might
want to try looking up "Bawdy" on CDnow.com; they'll probably have a whole
list of albums to look for.

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