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Christina van Tets cjvt at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 21:48:35 PDT 2000

Hello again!

To remind you of the interchange between Paula and Tangwystyl:

> > or these--which I doubt are period
> > Shepherd's Hey
> > Soldier's Joy
>Someone else will have to find the specifics, but I'm a bit more
>optimistic on those two than you are.
> > Also, I'm assuming that 90 to 100% of the jigs and hornpipes
> > are not period--is this correct?
>If you take any random currently-known jig or hornpipe, chances are it
>was first recorded post-period. On the other hand, there were tune-types
>in period named "jig" and "hornpipe" (this based on the OED entries) and
>I'm fairly sure that I've encountered notation for period tunes called
>jigs.  The question is how and whether the period tunes by those names
>correspond stylistically to the modern use of the words.  (That is, the
>question is whether you're wondering what the chances are of any given jig
>or hornpipe that you've learned being period, or whether you're interested
>in what tunes were known by those terms in period.)

I've noticed that Dumps have the same rhythm as jigs too - at least, the 
ones I've seen.  I seem to remember one called My Lady Ann Nevill's Dompe?  
I must look in my papers, but I think it was 1360s.  Can't guarantee it 
isn't in storage in Oz, but I will try.


And if all else fails, make up a suitable provenance!!
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