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Fred (Flieg) Hollander flieg at socrates.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 18 09:19:40 PDT 2000

At 10:49 AM 4/18/00 CEST, Christina van Tets wrote:
>It's not English, but when I was doing my honours (early music/MH German), I 
>worked on a piece called Ain Yetterin, which is fairly bawdy and has a 
>decent tune.  It tells of the singer hiding in a bush watching a peasant 
>girl weeding a field, then leaping out on her... and Oswald died in 1425, so 
>I think that ought to count as period.
>I don't know about your area, but there were a lot of German speakers in my 
>last shire (at present my lord and I are the only SCA people in the country 
>here), so singing German wasn't a problem.
>I can try to send the text plus transcription to you if you need it - though 
>working out how could be a challenge.

    Hmmm.... Snail mail? 

    Could you please send me a copy of this as well. It sounds like an English
translation/rephrasing could make a seriously "perioid" piece. (I.e., not
the original words, but the original plot and tune...).

    My address is: Flieg Hollander, 3334 California St., Berkeley, CA 94703,USA.

    Alternatively, and depending on your PC/Mac/whatever platform, it may be
possible for you to attach copies of the information to your email. Email me
privately to discuss this.

    BTW, with respect to the discussion on exporting from NoteWorthy Composer
some months back, I finally figured out how to do it without disortion or
loss of detail, at least as Figures in a Word (95) Document. The trick is to 
build a frame for the picture which is the correct size and put it in the 
document _before_ you paste the screen preview into it. 


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