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Tue Apr 18 10:49:35 PDT 2000

Hello the List!

Greg Lindahl wrote:>
>Maybe they were answering for what they personally consider period --
>and they don't do things after 1600. That's fine with me; I don't
>agree with them, but they are welcome to their opinion. It probably
>would be a good idea for them to have stated it better, but it's also
>good to give people the benefit of the doubt.
>As for your question, there are plenty of rounds from nearer 1600, and
>no, there wasn't much printed English bawdy music before 1600, and so
>it could be the case that that they tended to be more subtle. 80 years
>is a long time and the English Civil War brought a lot of social
>change. But this is an absense of evidence argument, not evidence of
>For near-period bawdy rounds, see Ravenscroft, especially "Go ye not to
>Branford" (punk == prostitute, the OED doesn't have that one, but
>Shakespeare does) and "I lay with an old man". For a bawdy ballad, see
>Watkins Ale. All 3 are on my web pages.

It's not English, but when I was doing my honours (early music/MH German), I 
worked on a piece called Ain Yetterin, which is fairly bawdy and has a 
decent tune.  It tells of the singer hiding in a bush watching a peasant 
girl weeding a field, then leaping out on her... and Oswald died in 1425, so 
I think that ought to count as period.

I don't know about your area, but there were a lot of German speakers in my 
last shire (at present my lord and I are the only SCA people in the country 
here), so singing German wasn't a problem.

I can try to send the text plus transcription to you if you need it - though 
working out how could be a challenge.

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