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Mon Apr 17 21:24:07 PDT 2000

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Paula wrote:

> BTW, does anyone know if any of the following songs are period:
> Ashgrove (original Welsh name "Llewlyn On" )

"Llwyn On" (the title you have looks like a cross between that and the
personal name "Llywelyn").

The tune first appears in print in 1802 in Edward Jones' "The Bardic
Museum"; all the lyrics I've ever seen for it (and there are many
different versions) are quite modern.

> or these--which I doubt are period
> Shepherd's Hey
> Soldier's Joy

Someone else will have to find the specifics, but I'm a bit more
optimistic on those two than you are.

> Also, I'm assuming that 90 to 100% of the jigs and hornpipes 
> are not period--is this correct? 

If you take any random currently-known jig or hornpipe, chances are it
was first recorded post-period. On the other hand, there were tune-types
in period named "jig" and "hornpipe" (this based on the OED entries) and
I'm fairly sure that I've encountered notation for period tunes called
jigs.  The question is how and whether the period tunes by those names
correspond stylistically to the modern use of the words.  (That is, the
question is whether you're wondering what the chances are of any given jig
or hornpipe that you've learned being period, or whether you're interested
in what tunes were known by those terms in period.)


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