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> Regarding the words by which we refer to things. I *strenuous* 
object to
> the word "Nazi" being used to refer to anything other than 
members of
> the
> National Socialist Party of Hitler's Germany. And no, I do not 
> the
> reasoning of it being "an homage to Sienfeld's Soup Nazi" 

I'm sorry I used the term "period nazi". I didn't expect all the 
response to it. That's the only term I knew, but I wasn't 
comfortable with it either , that's why I put it in quotes. You 
are right about it not being from Sienfeld. While I have been a 
member during one year during the 90s and hung around a bit 
before that, my greatest involvement was during the 
late-seventys and early 80s--long before Sienfeld. "Period Nazi" 
may not have been in use in the 70s but it was in the early to 
mid-80s. It was not used then seriously as an insult-but you 
didn't hear "nazi" in the general culture then as you do now. 
The term had nothing to do with violence then, it referred to a 
strict adherence to rules and strict enforcement of rules onto 
others. The term was used, with a smile as a sort of a teasing 
joke--not an insult.  But times change, the term "Nazi" is often 
heard in general culture, and there really are neo-Nazis running 
around now.  Since it is an old term, I didn't really expect 
most people to recognize it--I didn't realize it was still 
current. I was hoping that someone would mention what the new 
term is, but I guess there isn't one.

I appologize if I offended anyone, that was not my intent. Of 
the new terms offered Authenticity Maven sounds good to me.


BTW I found an article on the hammered dulcimer at 
http://www.s-hamilton.k12.ia.us/antiqua/ducimer.htm according to 
it, double bridges and up to 12 courses appeared in  the 16th 
century.  So I guess I can claim my is period after all.

PS BTW: Chromatic notes on new to dulcimers. Builders have just 
started adding them so they can claim to be chromatic 
instruments, even most of them actually aren't. Most of the 
notes added aren't useful either--that's why I'm tuning my to 
the alternate tonal notes.  

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