minstrel: My fight with the Cantigas has begun

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Apr 17 13:45:19 PDT 2000

> I think that the clef used in the cantigas is a bass clef,

It's mostly moveable C clef...

> and that a black square is 1/4 of a note, and a black diamond is 1/8 of
> a note giving a time signature of 8/4 in the cantiga 100 (Santa Maria
> strela do dia) on which I'm working,

In most cantigas, that isn't true. In # 100, I don't see any diamonds
at all.

> I think that there are many
> other symbols, which I don't know, so if anybody deciphered the
> cantigas, I'd be grateful for some (or even much) help with determining
> the note values.

I think you would find Angles' book interesting. You don't have to
know any Spanish to look at his examples.

-- g

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