minstrel: Vocabulary and terminology

Heather Senkler wl835 at victoria.tc.ca
Sun Apr 16 21:58:03 PDT 2000

Warning to those who want a warning, frankness ahead.

Regarding the words by which we refer to things. I *strenuous* object to
the word "Nazi" being used to refer to anything other than members of the
National Socialist Party of Hitler's Germany. And no, I do not accept the
reasoning of it being "an homage to Sienfeld's Soup Nazi" because I 
believe that using that term in a situation comedy storyline was also
insulting and vulgar.

There are much better ways to explain things, to identify things. I would
classify myself as an authenticity mavin in some areas of the SCA and a 
fun mavin in other areas. These interests can overlap and even clash. But
the ways I identify these tendancities is simple, might be uniquely SCA
and unlikely to require re-explaining or spin doctoring of grotesque media
relations. Mavin is a good word.

This group has, in some areas of the world, the most disgusting,
dispicable, unconscionable, and PERMANENT reputation of some of the most
revolting activities that I will not even try to recall here. I know of
several people from my own branch, including one from my extended SCA
family that has given up the SCA COMPLETELY for the sake of their
professional careers. Yes, they have given up a harmless and educational
hobby because of the stigma it can shame them with due to the bad
reputation the SCA has in some parts of the world.

Casually thowing around the word "Nazi" will never free us from that



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