minstrel: Suggestions for another name for "Period/Authenticity Nazi"

Christopher Gregory krummhorn at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 15 23:11:37 PDT 2000

Since we all agree we need to come up with a better term for it, let's throw
around some suggestions.  The new monaker needs to:
1)  Avoid chiding authenticity and bringing up "fun-bashing."
2)  Adequately explain why the opinion doesn't fit in with the SCA,
3)  Not insult the individual, but the opinion that he/she holds
4)  Be more efficient, and Acronym-able.

"Period/Authenticity Nazi" (I've seen both) is none of the above.

Overzealous Authenticist:  Seems to be alright, merely implying a great deal
of love for authenticity.  Abbreviated OA.  However, it doesn't fit in with

Condescending and Rude Authenticist:  Has too much emphasis on
"authenticist."  Perhaps "Individual" would be better, though more
insulting.  Can be abbreviated CRA/I.

Unteacher:  Alludes to the fact that they are usually unhelpful.  As opposed
to teachers, who assist in learning how to be less OOP.

OOP-Cryer:  They are always the first to say "That's not period!"  And they
say it loud.

Scowler:  Deliberate mispronunciation and misspelling of Scholar (in the
same vein as filk), describes what the person does when they see OOP things.

By all means, add in your thoughts, suggestions, random insults.  We need a
replacement for the horrid throwback to WWII war movies (when Nazi was said
"nazzie.")  I agree with Gregory that we should stop trading horror stories,
but this is something which has recieved a great deal of attention on this
list, and it seems to be a hot topic for musicians in particular.

But as always, your milage may vary.

Thank you most verily,
Richard Crowder of Burnham,
Musician ET Gentleman,
Though they may conflict.
"Ihr Musici frisch auf!"

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