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At 4:01 PM -0400 4/15/0, Christopher Gregory wrote:
>Ahh, we all hate period nazis, even us who are authentically-oriented.  But
>they proliferate, and make everyone unhappy when they condescendingly say,
>"That's not period."  They don't even help us be more period.
	Not only that, but they may be wrong. People who act that way
seldom inquire exactly where and when your whatever-it-might-be is located
and may be falsely assigning it to a different where and when, about which
they know much less than they think they do;-)
	I know my harp is not early 13th-century, but that doesn't keep me
from trying to keep the 13th-century music I play on it as authentic as
possible. I have heard some beautifully authentic music played on
instruments much less "period" than a Hackbrett;-)

Mary Loomer Oliver
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