minstrel: Period music and dulcimer

Siandra Hoepfner siandrah at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 09:53:39 PDT 2000

As the proud owner of the "lute-guitar" in question, I
too was suprised at all the flack it generated, but I
was equally as touched by the wonderful words of
support it generated as well.  In any large group (and
the SCA is huge these days) you are going to have
opinions at opposite ends of the spectrum for just
about anything--and those "period nazis" will raise
their heads from time to time (mostly because they
like to hear themselves talk--it makes them feel
important).  Most "true experts" in the music field
might constructively point out this or that in a
purely friendly, educational and non-threatening
manner, and then sit happily entranced while you play
and applaud the loudest when you're done.  These are
the true experts of merit!  You will find that there
will be far, far more appreciative people who play the
game for the love of it and are just thrilled to hear
period music being played on a dulcimer (and a guitar
lute as well!). I have always found SCA groups to have
a true thirst for period music because it adds so much
to the ambience of the scene.  So, forget the
"nazis"--almost everyone else does.  I say "play on!"

Lady Arabella

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