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EoganOg at aol.com EoganOg at aol.com
Sat Apr 15 07:14:51 PDT 2000

I would hope I speak for most when I say that we would rather hear you play 
period tunes (or even not-quite period tunes) on a modern form of a medieval 
instrument than not hear you play at all because you cannot find or afford a 
medieval form of your instrument.  ;-)  Have fun!
Eogan Og

Tighearn Eoghan Og mac Labhrainn, CP
Sangster of Scotland and Atlantia
Web Master for the Canton of Hawkwood, Web Master for the Motley Crew
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Checky Or & Vert, two lions combattant, tails knowed, in base a 
mouse couchant, all within an orle of roundels, Argent.
ALBANACH Egroup (a discussion group for things Scottish 503-1603AD)
"A! Fredome is a noble thing. . ."  --John Barbour in The Bruce, 1375

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