minstrel: appologies

Paula bookwyrm at ureach.com
Sat Apr 15 05:58:12 PDT 2000

Hi Everyone,
I'd like to appologize for the abrupt tone in the message I 
just sent. I intended to write the message, then go back and 
make sure it sounded right. Unfortunately, my browser begin to 
do some strange and alarming things, so I just quickly typed 
the first thing in my head and sent it--out of fear that I 
would lose the whole thing.  Please forgive.

Please re-read my message with the idea, that I didn't intend 
to be abrupt, rude or presumptious--I just didn't have the 
opportunity to read it to myself.

BTW, does anyone know if any of the following songs are period:
Ashgrove (original Welsh name "Llewlyn On" )
Road to Lisdoonvorna
or these--which I doubt are period
Shepherd's Hey
Soldier's Joy

I have heard these in non-SCA context which implied they were 
period, but I have my doubts. Then again I've heard Scotland 
the Brave in a SCA context and according to my information it 
wasn't written down until 1750.

Also, I'm assuming that 90 to 100% of the jigs and hornpipes 
are not period--is this correct? 

Any answers would be greatly appreciated if you happen to know 
the answers. Don't go to any trouble, I can and should do my 
own research after all.

Thanks again,


PS In case you are puzzled by my apparent double stance on 
period authencity. As a pauper living in a country with free 
librarys and even free internet access, I am a bit tougher with 
period authencity in the area of knowledge than in the areas of
objects. Objects like clothing, instruments, tents, baskets, 
etc. cost money and ones that are "really" period would be 
extremely expensive. Since my outside life is more important 
than any persona, my money gets spent on things like a used 
car, school and health care--not clothing and period 
instruments. In other words, having a period repertoire is 
cheap, but having a truly period instrument is not.  Having an 
absolutely accurate either is probably immpossible.

Just my opinion,


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