minstrel: Period music and dulcimer

Paula bookwyrm at ureach.com
Sat Apr 15 05:10:40 PDT 2000

Hi Everyone,
I've been lurking for about a month now. I've been in and out 
(mostly out) of the SCA since the late 1970s when I was in 
college the first time. I've been thinking of getting back in, 
but the old problem of settling on a persona keeps coming 
up--hense this list. I'm taking a class on hammered dulcimer 
this quarter (grad school elective), and thought the SCA would 
be a good place to get some performance practice. However after 
reading the debate around the guitar/lute I'm having second and 
third thoughts. The dulcimer is a period instrument, but like 
most medieval instruments it has changed and continues to 
change. My dulcimer is a small "student" instument, but it is 
still probably larger than a period instrument would be. Plus 
it's a 13/12 not a 12/11 (adds two chromatic notes, that I'm 
going to tune "normal" instead). 

How serious is most of the current SCA about accuracy? I was 
assuming that any  modern dulcimeer would be OK, but after 
lurking on the list, I'm being to wonder. The times I was in the 
SCA was when I lived near a group that was more interested in 
having fun and learning about their personas, than the detailed 
accuracy of their costumes. The times I left was when the local 
groups had one or more "period nazis" .

Second question: Is there an SCA publication of commonly used 
period tunes?  If not, why don't aa couple of you guys get 
together and write one.  My dulcimer book has a couple of period 
tunes and a few thant might be but aren't identified by century. 
A SCA resource would certainly save doing research that someone 
else has already done.  Even a list of tunes in one of your 
repertoire would be of greate help to newbies and re-newbies.


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