minstrel: Viola Da Gamba

Rozaylia Mariposa Mooncat mooncat0227 at email.com
Fri Apr 14 14:10:36 PDT 2000

Ahh, the glorious Viola Da Gamba.  Anyone here know how to play, and be
willing to instruct at Pennsic?  I don't have a viol or money though.  Oh

Hello,I am new to the list, but I thought that I would answer your question
about the viola da gamba... My aunt is a teacher of the viola da gamba, and
has written a textbook on playing the instrument, but I don't think she
could teach at Pennsic... but if you are interested, perhaps I could contact
her for you, and get a copy of the book that you could have to learn how to
play, unless you know how to already... just trying to be helpful... and
nice to meet you all on the list...!

Rozaylia Mooncat (Marie Laure)
mooncat0227 at email.com

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