minstrel: penillion singing and flute

Christina van Tets cjvt at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 14 11:32:04 PDT 2000

Hello the list!

I suppose I ought to introduce myself, since this is my first posting (I've 
been lurking for a while, though):

I'm Cairistiona nic Bhraonnaguinn, originally (like 12 years ago) of 
Stormhold in Lochac (Melbourne, Australia) then Adamestor in Drachenwald 
(Cape Town, South Africa) and am now currently shireless in Israel.  
Mundanely I'm a semi-professional flautist (it's not really possible to hold 
down a real job when you have to follow a scientist around the world), with 
an academic specialisation in early music and languages.

So my questions:

I'm trying to track down information on penillion singing.  It sounds as 
though Giraldus Cambrensis talks about it (though I can't be sure that's 
what he means) in his Welsh Itinerario.  Does anyone have any more reliable 
period references to the technique?


I've transcribed one of the pieces from the ap Huw MS into roughly 
contemporary flute technique, though the flute text I used (Der Fluyten 
Lusthof) is Dutch, from about 1550 (I haven't got the piece in front of me 
at present, so can't give a precise date) - it's got some rather nice stuff 
on tonguing, very similar to Baroque tonguing, which is comforting.  Are 
there any other period flute treatises that I can track down and maybe use?


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