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>And I recently borrowed a gothic harp from a friend of mine.  And i can
>already play the Maltese Bransle (not Arbeau's) on it.  But what kinds of
>music would really have been played on a gothic harp?  

I find a lot of troubadour/trouviere material goes very well on my baby 
gothic.  E, Dame Jolie, Ce Fu En Mai, De Moi Dolerous Vo Chant, etc.  Reis 
Glorios sounds better on wire, though.

>Accompaniment for voice, or solo works?  Chords, or melody?  Or does anybody 
even know >now?

Well, I have done both solo harp & with voice.  I don't think that the "harp 
as guiter" (i.e. accompanying chords only) is as appropriate for that style, 
but I could be mistaken.

> I know that there is an enormous wealth of welsh, irish, and other celtic 
music for harp. 

Tons of Continental stuff, too.   Some may not have been intended 
specifically for harp, but goes very well.

> But this little fellow (whose nicknamed Baby Bear by the
>owner) seems a Hundred-years-war sort of chap.  Perhaps even from Aquitaine.
>Oh boy, now even my instruments are getting personae!

Oh, why not?  Mine have names.

>  I like to see musicians work together rather than bicker.  

Well said, my lord.

Rowen Brithwallt

"I do not resent growing older - many are not granted that privilege."

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