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At 2:46 AM -0400 4/13/0, Christopher Gregory wrote:

>And I recently borrowed a gothic harp from a friend of mine.  And i can
>already play the Maltese Bransle (not Arbeau's) on it.  But what kinds of
>music would really have been played on a gothic harp?
	I understand that what I'm doing with 13th century German music
should  be done on a Gothic harp to be really authentic. My harp isn't

> Accompaniment for
>voice, or solo works?
	In the 13th century, yes.
>Chords, or melody?
	In the 13th century, no. More contrapuntal, like motets.

> But this little fellow (whose nicknamed Baby Bear by the
>owner) seems a Hundred-years-war sort of chap.  Perhaps even from Aquitaine.
>Oh boy, now even my instruments are getting personae!

Strikes me as logical;-)

Lady Mechthild zur Drachenhoehle, erilar
Maker of runic inscriptions, literate in the languages of the Eddas and
Minnesaenger, sometime performer of works of the latter, singer,
artificer,incipient harper, illuminator, archer, and Journeywoman of the
Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald
				device: or, dragon statant contourny,
		 			wings elevated and adorsed,
				and upon a point pointed, sable, a bizant

Erilar's Cave Annex: http://www.win.bright.net/~erilarlo
includes a brief biography of Mechthild as well as an account of my
heavily-medieval February '99 trip to Germany.

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