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Christopher Gregory krummhorn at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 12 23:46:38 PDT 2000

Well, I feel really stupid.  I listened to St Cecilia's version of
Jouyessance while reading the real notes, and I saw that I was dumb, and
that the pieces are the same save the addition of a soprano line in
Cecilia's.  The line is sufficiently odd that it sounds like a different
song (I believe it is some form of lute diminuation transposed to recorder.)
However, the chords are identical, and the basic music is the same.

Ahh, the glorious Viola Da Gamba.  Anyone here know how to play, and be
willing to instruct at Pennsic?  I don't have a viol or money though.  Oh

And I recently borrowed a gothic harp from a friend of mine.  And i can
already play the Maltese Bransle (not Arbeau's) on it.  But what kinds of
music would really have been played on a gothic harp?  Accompaniment for
voice, or solo works?  Chords, or melody?  Or does anybody even know now?  I
know that there is an enormous wealth of welsh, irish, and other celtic
music for harp.  But this little fellow (whose nicknamed Baby Bear by the
owner) seems a Hundred-years-war sort of chap.  Perhaps even from Aquitaine.
Oh boy, now even my instruments are getting personae!

That's about it for now.  Chew on this cud for a little while, and I'll see
what kind of fodder I can throw at you to keep this list going.  Anything
but awful divisive arguments about t-tunics and banning filk.  I like to see
musicians work together rather than bicker.  Or maybe we have to bicker to
work together!

In Service
Richard Crowder of Burnham
"I take the cake.  I don't know what I take it for, but I take the cake

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