minstrel: Jouyessance... which is right?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sat Apr 8 11:29:33 PDT 2000

> However, when I came
> to Jouyessance (sp?) i noticed that there are two different versions; the
> one on "The Companions of St. Cecilia Volume 2" is different from the ones
> on "Tape of Dance Vol. 2."  I wanted to do an arrangement of the one on "The
> Companions of St. Cecilia" CD, however if that is a special arrangement, I
> would need to get, or in any case would feel more comfortable in getting,
> permission.  In short, HALP!

The St. Cecilia people did not get permission for the arrangements
they used, so no, I would not copy it onto paper.

The original is found starting on page 67 of the Evans/Sutton
translation of Arbeau. It only gives a melody line (and no tenor.)

The Tape of Dance should list where theirs came from in the liner notes.

> PS: It's really quiet on this list lately... even the authenticity and filk
> arguments seem to have quieted down!

That, er, discussion pops up once every 6 months, and always burns
itself out.

-- gb

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