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Sorry, I wrote it to the whole list, but only sent it to one!

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Subject: Re: minstrel: cutoff date (was Several Questions,...)

When we look at the Renaissance and the Baroque, were are looking for styles
here, not neccesarily dates.  Playford and Lawes are renaissance in style,
though written afterword.  And some Renaissance composers like Montiverdi
were ahead enough to be called partially baroque.  Even movements of pieces
can have a feel or lack of periodness, such as Sonata Sopra in the Vespers
of Montiverdi, versus Ave Maris Stella, which directly follows.  The former
is a baroque sonata, whereas the latter is a Renaissance choral work, and
both are from 1610.

Blah  my mouth and fingers are tied after that.

The point is, you can't simply look to a date to find period and non period
indicators.  They are relatively safe indicators of periodness, but they are
not the best way to ascertain periodicity.

And thank you, Gregory, for stating that Praetorius is Renaissance and
period, since one person in a lecture I did didn't believe that the
Renaissance was period.  Argy.

Richard Crowder of Burnham
Recently endowed with period-dominoes,
Winner of Best Supported Actor in a Unfilmed Documentary

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