minstrel: Terpsichore at the Tower

Katy Krieg katyk at umich.edu
Thu Mar 30 08:23:50 PST 2000

Greetings to you gentle folk, whose music has the power to stir the hearts
and move the feet of those everywhere, from Herrin Elsa von Heilbronn!

Shameless plug follows...

Again this year, the Barony of Cynnabar will be holding its annual dance
event, Terpsichore at the Tower.  This year, the event will be taking
place April 22nd (we actually have the site from 6pm April 21st to noon
April 23rd) at the American Legion Hall in Manchester. (10 miles south of
Chelsea).  Yes, this is indeed the Saturday before Easter.  For those of
you for whom this date is not prohibitive, we are looking for musicians to
play for the first two sets of the ball.  if you are interested or know
anyone else who might be, read on, and e-mail me back!

Site fee is $6 adults and $3 children; feast will be $10/$5. Free crash
space or camping, whichever you prefer, is available.  Please refer to our
web site at <http://www.cybernet.com/~plewis/terp.html> for more details.  
Rehearsal will be in the afternoon, and the musicians will have at their
disposal the one private room in the site.  The talented Lady Fiaghnnuala
has kindly agreed to direct.  I will mail free music books of period-style
arrangements of freely copyable music (same books as last year) to all
musicians who didn't get one last year.  

Thank you for your attention!  I hope to see you at Terpsichore!  

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