minstrel: Cut off dates and a Quest

Heather Senkler wl835 at victoria.tc.ca
Wed Mar 29 12:04:14 PST 2000

	Personally I am occassionally frustrated by a "hard" cut-off date.
As a member of a budding theatre group it is saddening to not be able to
perform many of Shakespeares best plays (and some of me favourites) in 
competition because the earliest known publishing date is 1601 or 1605. I
can understand keeping within a concept of a time period, but theme and
style do not disappear when the calander flips over. Perhaps the date
should be amended "with cause"? A writer born in 1648 who didn't write
until he was 20 would most likely not be appropriate, but disallowing
_King Lear_ or _All's Well That Ends Well_ because they are 5 or even 2
years past the "cut off" seems to me a bit much.
	Just a thought.

	And now the Quest. Some months ago I caught sight of an
illumination/illustration of a person reading to a group of people. I
believe it was a picture of Chaucer reading to a group of nobles. Can
anyone help me find a copy of this? University texts are fine since I have
access to a university library. I would like to copy this picture and
document it for performance perposes. I believe the illustration may be
from a copy of _Troilus and Criseyde_? Any help is appriciated.



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