minstrel: Some questions

Przemys³aw Pi³aciñski dodiabla at draconia.it.pl
Wed Mar 29 11:28:53 PST 2000

Vanessa Layne wrote:

> Przemys3aw writes:
> > how did the medieval note writings look like? (did they all
> > look like the cantigas?).
> Oh, no.  Some are *much* worse. :)
> Seriously: Musical notation was basically invented/evolved over the
> course of the 1000-or-so years of our period.
> In 9th cen. France (Carolingian Empire) music was notated in a letter
> code, and all the letters were "F" except the ones that were "I".
> (You have to see it to understand. :) Rhythm was not notated at all;
> this notation only recorded pitch.  IMHO, it doesn't get worse that this.

Hmmm... I'd like to see that. ]:)) Can any of these be found on the web?

One more question: When was lute tablature invented?

Przemek Pi³aciñski

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