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Tue Mar 28 19:52:53 PST 2000

From: "Timothy Phillips" <hrothgar at telepath.com>
To: Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com>
Subject: Re: minstrel: cutoff date (was Several Questions,...)
Date: Fri, Mar 24, 2000, 6:40 PM

"Greg Lindahl" <lindahl at pbm.com> wrote:
> Indeed, musical scholars generally state that there's a transition
> from the Renaissance to the Baroque, which happens at various times in
> various places. In England, Baroque pops up right around 1600...

These labels are largely arbitrary, but to the extent that it matters
to me, I prefer to date the renaissance from c. 1500 to about 1630-40
in England. John Dowland (1563-1626), Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625), and
Peter Philips (1561-1628) I consider to be renaissance composers.
Henry Purcell (1659-1695) and Maurice Greene (1696-1755) are Baroque
composers.  Much of the music published by John Playford (1623-1686)
in the  upper 17th century I consider to be renaissance or

The Baroque, for me, comes a little earlier (c. 1620) on the continent
than in England.  Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) I consider to
be a renaissance composer.  Heinrich Schutz (1585-1672) I consider a
Baroque composer.

Tim Phillips
<hrothgar at telepath.com>

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