minstrel: Some questions

Przemys³aw Pi³aciñski dodiabla at draconia.it.pl
Tue Mar 28 08:57:54 PST 2000

I've visited some sites and some questions come up.

First: as my musical education started a few months ago, I found out,
that I am completely unable to understand the strange writings of the
Cantigas de Santa Maria. If anybody could help me, I'd be grateful  (I
have no problems with reading normal notes). This led me to another
question: how did the medieval note writings look like? (did they all
look like the cantigas?).

And the second one: I woud like to make some accompaniment for the
troubadour songs I found on the web, but I have no idea, how to (If
anybody has some expierience in providing accompaniment for medieval
songs on guitar (or lute), I'd be grateful for some help).

Thanks in advance.

Przemek Pi³aciñski

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