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At 4:50 PM -0800 3/27/0, Fred (Flieg) Hollander wrote:
>At 04:49 PM 3/24/00 -0700, teleute at home.com wrote:
>>Greg Lindahl wrote:
>>> BTW, in Isenfir, most newcomers get loaned something considerably
>>> nicer than a T-tunic to their first event, and construct something
>>> considerably nicer when they first sew. We're pretty proud of the
>>> encouragement and help that we offer. I've found many other groups in
>>> my travels around the Known World which likewise have helped each
>>> other to achieve a pretty high standard in dress.
>>As a member of the SCA-garb list, I feel I should point out that
>>T-tunics are perfectly period, in fact things other than a t-tunic would
>>be OOP for some times and places, and that T-tunics can be every bit as
>>gorgeous as later period garb when done with care and attention.
>   Thank you.  I was beginning to wonder what the metaphor being used was.
>I wear T-tunics all the time (or what I call T-tunics) and they were
>made for me by people who care a lot about authentic garb. Maybe Eogan
>and Gregory have a different meaning for T-tunic?

Those of us who inhabit fairly early times would be badly OOP withOUT a
t-tunic!! T-tunic with long moderately-wide sleeves over t-tunic with
narrow sleeves or just t-tunic, but definitely t-tunic;-)

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