minstrel: Beginner questions about XIVth century France

Christopher Gregory krummhorn at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 27 14:30:01 PST 2000

    Well, for beginners, the Yamaha recorders (the plastic ones) are very
good and ermain in tune.  They don't look period, being baroqueand all, but
they sound wonderful.  You'll want to get a soprano, since the first note on
it is C, and that matches perfectly with music in the keys of C, G, F, A
minor, and D major and Minor.  Of course, you can play in any mode you want,
it's just that those that I listed are for the most part built into the
    Arbeau's tunes are fairly easy to learn for recorder, the Maltese
Bransle being the easiest.  You can ask your local dance-mavin to give you
the music or point you in the right direction.  And what's better, everyone
can dance the Maltese Bransle, except for those of us who happen to be less
than mobile.  Most musicians know the Maltese too, so you won't be out of
place like if you knew "Belle Qui Tiens ma Vie," which is lovely but more
    Teaching yourself to play recorder is easy.  You can look in a library
for books on it, or look online (Gragory Blount's SCA Music page is the best
resource for learning any kind of period music stuff, and includes a link to
The Recorder Page.)  Of course, you can always find me at Pennsic (ask any
guy with a black diamond on a field of yellow where Richard Corwder is, and
they'll help you find me usually) and I will be glad to help anyone learn.

I hope i've been of assistance...
Signing off,

Richard Crowder (the Sickly) of Burnham
"I hate it when I set off fireworks, and it shoots flaming balls at me."

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