minstrel: Agincourt question

Terri Spencer tarats at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 27 09:04:44 PST 2000

The modern version our choral group sings agrees with what's been
posted, except for the last verse, which goes:

Almighty God, He keep our King,
His people and all his well-willing:
And give him grace without ending,
Then may we call and safely sing;
Deo gracias.

Are there multiple versions in period?  It seems odd that the other
verses match perfectly, but the last is so different.  Just

BTW - we use a mnemonic to remember the verses we sing (1,2,4,6): Our
King, He set And went Almighty.  Now gracious just doesn't "fit".


--- Christopher Gregory <krummhorn at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The original text is from Curtis Clark's page of Early Music MIDI 
> files (boy, that's an anachronism)
> Agincourt Carol 
> 6. Now gracious God he save oure kynge,
> His peple, and alle his welwyllynge;
> Yef hym gode lyfe and gode endynge,
> That we with merth mowe savely synge;
> Deo gracias. 

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