minstrel: Revised Modern "Deo Gracias"

Christopher Gregory krummhorn at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 26 15:20:40 PST 2000

Thank you all very much for helping me out with my translation.  Now I think
I have something for bardic circles that will satisfy my yearning for
authenticity without boring those with need for more interest (and English!)

Now on to my next project: Translating ancient German!


Agincourt Carol 

Deo gracias Anglia
Redde pro victoria

Our king went forth to Normandy
With grace and might of chivalry;
There God for him fought marvelously,
Wherefore England may call and cry,
'Deo gracias.'

He set a siege, the sooth for to say,
To Harflu town with Royal Array;
That town he won and made a fray
That France shall rue till doomsday;
Deo gracias.

Then went our king with all his host
Through France, for all the freshest boast;
He spared no dread of least or most
Till he came to Agincourt Coast;
Deo gracias.

Then, forsooth! that Knight comely,
In Agincourt field he fought manly;
Through grace of God most Mighty
He had both the field and the victory;
Deo Gracias.

Their dukes and earls, lord and baron
Were taken and slain, and that well soon.
And some were lade into London
With joy and mirth and great renown;
Deo gracias.

Now gracious God, he save our king,
His people and all his wellwilling;
Give him good life and good ending,
That we with mirth may safely sing;
Deo gracias.

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