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Fri Mar 24 14:56:25 PST 2000

chuckles,"Passed along to the Minstrel's List with some considerable amusement at the sigline"


Azure wrote:

> >From Azure unto the residents of the West, I bid greetings from myself in the Northern region of An Tir.
> I am hoping that anybody in this truly hospitable Kingdom might be able to assist me in locating some contact and general information for the following.
> - Mikail Hrafspa
> - Alan of Edgewood
> - Brandr Toralfsson &/or Skald of the song 'A Grazing Mace' bardic piece
> - Baldwin of Erebor
> - Moses ben Eldad
> - Mary Taran of Glatonbury
> - Lord Vargskol and/or the Bjornbog
> - Telbyrne Morningstar
> - Moses ben Eldad
> - Sir Velodya (Clan Cambion)
> - Tuchuk (Robert Asprin)
> - Francis Goodfellow of Saxony
> - Klaus von Winterbach
> Thank you for taking a moment of your time to help.
> Regards and In Service to Many Things,
> Azure Mary MacGregor
> Shh! Be very, very  quiet. We're hunting Bards.
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> "The Bardic Lights are the most helpful people you don't
> want to camp anywhere near" - Mikhail, CargoMaster
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> Find some Bardic Lights: http://www.antir.com/Bardic_Lights/
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