minstrel: Tuning

Christopher Gregory krummhorn at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 24 10:10:42 PST 2000

> Just as an aside, people with perfect pitch can deal with alternate
> tunings (many early music groups play at A=415.) It feels funny, but
> they get it.

Hehe, I wasn't going to mention it, but now that you do, I think it's kind
of funny that a perfect G played in 1650 would be out of tune with a perfect
G played in 2000.
And as a further aside, I know two people with perfect pitch, and both of
them were in early music groups that I was in as well:  Jeanne Schumann, who
could play the heck out of a piano, and Susan Howell, who is the wife of the
Virginia Tech Early Music Ensemble director Dr. John Howell.  They both say
that they cringe when an instrument is even the slightest bit out of tune
with standard A=440 (or A=415, in the case of Dr. Howell's Viol.)

Anyway, back to the topic...

Richard Crowder (The Sickly) of Burnham
"We started at A=440 and ended up at A=330!)

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