minstrel: filk/period music/cut off date/what were we talking about? ;-)

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Thu Mar 23 22:04:54 PST 2000

Eoghan, I'd like to ask you a few tough questions. Please don't feel
personally attacked; I'd really like to learn some things about the
attitude of someone who thinks quite differently than I do about
performing in the SCA.

> Just as in any mundane type of performing, one must consider the audience.  
> In the case of the SCA, your average audience at a bardic circle will be 
> those at an event,

What if there's someone in the audience who knows early music? Does
that change what you sing?

Do you think it's bad that I'll go somewhere else to have fun if a
bardic circle consists mostly of modern music?

>  Since my emphasis is on the story, and I want my listeners to 
> understand the story, I'm limited to modern, or early modern English, unless 
> I want to do some hefty translating jobs.

Why don't you sing English Renaissance songs, like the ones in
Ravenscroft? I transcribed and put these on the web long ago; I've
never heard anyone sing them other than me or people who learned them
before I showed up.

Why don't you sing pre-1600 non-English songs translated by others? In
all the years of research by Scadians, not to mention music
historians, there should be quite a few available. Are they not
available enough?

> Compare this, if you will, to the ever present T-tunic.

Are you proud of wearing T-tunics? Are you proud of what you sing at
bardic circles? When do you think you should be doing your best,
musically, compared to "lying around the house"? You sing period
pieces at competitions; is that the only time you want to do your
best? Or is that just following a rule?

> Am I making any sense?  I'm saying all of this mainly to let newcomers to 
> this list know that one does not have to be an early music expert to be 
> welcomed at SCA bardic circles, or even music competitions.

Do you think that encouraging early music necessarily makes newcomers

BTW, in Isenfir, most newcomers get loaned something considerably
nicer than a T-tunic to their first event, and construct something
considerably nicer when they first sew. We're pretty proud of the
encouragement and help that we offer. I've found many other groups in
my travels around the Known World which likewise have helped each
other to achieve a pretty high standard in dress.

-- Gregory Blount

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