minstrel: Skills of medieval musicians

Heather Senkler wl835 at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Mar 23 18:13:33 PST 2000

	I find this arguemenmt in many aspects of medieval re-creation,
"it can't be done, it's too hard, the technology wasn't there." And
every tie I get frustrated with the quality of my calligraphy, it takes a 
moment for me to remember that no matter how much time I spend on my 
scrolls, no matter how many hours I practice my hand and mix my paints I 
will never create the level of skill a 15th century scribe did.


Because I didn't start when I was apprenticed into the trade somewhere 
between the ages of six and nine.
Because I try to make the paper myself 
instead of purchasing it from the papermaker who has spent *his* entire
life making paper.
Beacuse I am not the one monk who only used the red ink
and therefore spend all my day outside of offices perfecting that red ink.

Most "medievalists" I know have other jobs and other interest that prevent
them from attaining the skills of a 12th century carpenter mostly because
of time required to practice and the money for the materials which are
someimes so much scarcer these days.
I know of one man who come close, and that is because he has made it his  
livelihood to create jewellry and accessories of medeival design. But he  
also uses a commercial thermos-thing to melt silver (He CAN use a  
crucible, its just safer with modern methods.) before pouring it into 
documented cuttle-fish moulds. And even then he makes tokens and pins for 
non-medieval customers for special events and such.

So please do not disbarage the medieval craftsman too quickly. He could
become a master of his trade, while we modern people in comparison tend to
be jacks of many rades and masters of few.

	(More skeet to throw up into the air of debate)


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