minstrel: cutoff date (was Several Questions,...)

cynthia j ley cley at juno.com
Thu Mar 23 14:42:10 PST 2000

>Unfortunately, music is one of the few areas where we do see a sharp 
>delineation between old and new right around 1600, with the emergence of

>opera, monody and tonalism. 

Excuse me? That's a pretty sweeping statement. I understand you to be
discussing monody as le nuove musiche of Caccini and others of the
Camerata school, but monody as a type of music has been around for

Plainsong - monody (unaccompanied)
troubadour/trouvere music (accompanied monody)
ayres (a throwback to troub/trouvere)

Opera was only happening in Italy --1598 saw the first productions, if I
recall correctly.

Tonalism was not "just emerging". It was continuing to evolve. Much of
what we accept as standard tonal theory comes from the French Ars Nova
school of the 1300's. Some things, such as what we now call the Picardy
third and the dominant seventh were Renaissance innovations.

>What are the feelings of the rest of the list as far as cutoff dates for

>material to be performed at events?  Do you consider post-1600 material
on a 
>case-by-case basis?

Dates are largely immaterial, IMHO. Look for where pieces are in their
respective movements in their respective cultures. Do both of those
elements equal Baroque, or something else?


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